Family Reunions

Family reunions are stereotyped as being dull, but things are changing. Today, families often take destination trips or even cruises together. In this section we'll explore every aspect of planning a family reunion, whether close to home or far away.

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Big family gatherings can be fun, heartwarming events, but they're often fraught with tension. Here are 10 ways to tank the event in short order.

By Maria Trimarchi

For some, receiving an invitation to a family reunion is exciting. For others, the same invite can trigger a headache. But what if you're in charge of planning the entire event? Do you know what to do?

By Patrick E. George

Sometimes a reunion is the only time you get to see some of the people in your family. But there's only so much catching up you can do. What games can you play to keep from getting bored at your next family reunion?

By Nathan Chandler & John Kelly