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Located in Silicon Valley in the southern end of the peninsula between San Francisco and Santa Cruz sits the little American town of Mountain View.

By Rhiannon Ball

Sin City isn't the only place to gamble the nights away. Dozens of other destinations worldwide offer their own takes on the gaming getaway, combining the excitement of the bet with their own local flavor.

By Julia Layton

Every tourist destination started somewhere. These 10 tiny towns are flaunting what they've got, whether that's fantastic scenery, deadly lizards or a lock on the RV servicing market.

By Julia Layton


It's hard to escape the sprawling, sprawly sprawl, especially for anyone who lives in or near a larger American city. But some locations stretch out more than others. Did your town make the list?

By Chris Opfer

Whether it's for a dose of realism or to save money, filmmakers shoot their work all over the globe. Which places are the best for movie buffs to visit on vacation?

By Linda Bryant

Can the ultra-modern skyscrapers, congested roadways and bright lights characteristic of today's concrete jungles be attractive? Absolutely! See some of the most beautiful skylines the modern world has to offer.

These cities have been ravaged by time, war and natural disaster. At least one may just be the product of human imagination. Why are we so fascinated with lost cities -- and what makes them lost?

By Alia Hoyt


It's nice to take off for a week of kayaking, hiking and rafting. But it'd be a whole lot cooler if all that adventure were right in your backyard. Where can you live that lifestyle?

By Sarah Winkler

Graceland? Well, for starters, there's a giant lightning bolt painted on one wall -- to represent The King's motto: "takin' care of business in a flash." Seriously. It's that quirky.

By Charles W. Bryant

Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple can be had in historic establishments, such as Fraunces Tavern. Get tips for Thanksgiving dinner in New York.

By Brian Diedrick

An odd oasis of fantastical desert skyscrapers Dubai sprawls over the sand and creeps out to sea. Once an unassuming Bedouin outpost the city has become an international curiosity and a destination for the rich and famous.

By Sarah Dowdey


A massive complex of theme parks, cultural attractions and resort living, Dubailand will be twice the size of Disney World. But don't plan your visit to the ultimate desert destination until 2020.

By Sarah Dowdey

China diligently prepared for the 2008 Olympics, even building state-of-the-art structures for the games. They've reconfigured neighborhoods, worked to improve air quality and more. What's next for the city?

By Sarah Dowdey

The Burj's sheer opulence coupled with its outrageously attentive service has garnered the hotel a seven-star reputation. This glistening glass yacht presents itself as the jewel of Dubai -- the tallest hotel in the world.

By Sarah Dowdey

Denver is a tourist's dream, whether the outdoors is your thing or if your version of hiking is window shopping and museum hopping. Learn about the many things to do in the Mile High City.

By Lori Midson


Come explore the fabulous French capital on a guided tour of the arrondissements with Rick Steves associate Steve Smith.

By Carrie Whitney, Ph.D.

You can see them from space. They span Dubai's coastline, providing prime real estate to interested millionaires. They're the Palm Islands of Dubai — the largest artificial islands in the world.

By Sarah Dowdey & Yves Jeffcoat

They say gondoliers have always known Venice's juiciest secrets, since scandalous love affairs have so often ignited aboard their boats. What makes gondolas so romantic?

By Garth Sundem

Each year millions of people visit Austin -- for Texas Longhorns football games musical events business or fun. Discover the live music art great cuisine and other things that attract so many visitors to Austin.

By Amy Lemen