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Enjoy the roller coasters and attractions that theme parks have to offer. From Walt Disney World and Six Flags to Cedar Point fun will be had by all!

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Saudi Arabia is launching a massive theme park located on an offshore oil rig. You read that right. The country that dominates the petroleum industry is now building a theme park around it.

By Allison Troutner

It may be touted as the 'happiest place on Earth,' but the true story behind Florida's Disney World isn't so sweet.

By Diana Brown

Disney parks around the world all have a haunted attraction, but not one is exactly like the original, and all have fascinating reasons behind their differences.

By Bryan Young


Would you pay $200 to drive an asphalt roller or a bulldozer? Lots of adults would — that's why there's Diggerland XL.

By Dave Roos

Every year, thousands of cell phones, cameras and glasses are left behind on amusement park rides. But how to explain the loaded guns, false teeth and prosthetic limbs?

By Dave Roos

Velocipede carousels, powered by pedaling, were created in the late 19th century to accustom Parisians to riding bicycles. But just two of them are left in the world.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Disneyland opened its doors during the summer of 1955 and quickly became known as “the happiest place on Earth.” For some, Disneyland is hardly a happy place at all. Thousands of people have been injured at Disneyland and a couple of handfuls have lost their lives. Freak accidents do happen, but chances are that the […] The post 13 Shocking Freak Accidents That Happened at Disneyland appeared first on Goliath.

By Kevin Saltarelli


Riding roller coasters is supposed to be scary, but it's not supposed to kill you. That doesn't mean deaths don't happen. The 13 deadliest roller coaster accidents were flukes but no less tragic.

By Cherise Threewitt & Clint Pumphrey

Roller coasters are the central attraction of most amusement parks and it’s easy to see why. They’re a marvel of architectural engineering, offering speeds and thrills that just aren’t possible on other types of attractions. They’re designed to simulate danger and are generally very safe, but that still doesn’t make some of them any less terrifying. Engineers […] The post 15 Scariest Roller Coasters In The World appeared first on Goliath.

By Nick Steinberg

It's touted as the most magical place on Earth, but is it so magical nobody has ever died there? Let's get real about what goes down when there's a death at Disney World.

By Alison Cooper

An extreme roller coaster can hurl you from zero to 128 miles (206 kilometers) per hour in under 4 seconds. Are you brave enough to try one?

By Jennifer Horton


Roller coasters are getting bigger and bigger -- and scarier and scarier. What would happen if your safety harness broke on one of these giant rides?

By Katherine Neer

Kings Island, located near Cincinnati, is a 364-acre amusement and water park with a number of rides based on Paramount films. Learn all about this family vacation destination.

By the Editors of Mobil Travel Guide

Walt Disney World in Orlando is the biggest Disney complex in the world, with four major theme parks that include the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. Learn about this popular family vacation spot.

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For many gamers, possessing the powers and fighting the battles of their favorite characters would be a dream come true. See how a group of college students is attemping to fulfill that dream with the Nintendo Amusement Park.

By William Harris


Amusement park rides, like roller coasters, ferris wheels and bumper cars, can be fun for kids and adults alike. Find out which classic rides made our list.

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American roller coasters have undergone a transformation since their inception in the 1880s. Find out about the world's 12 greatest roller coasters, including the Kingda Ka and Apollo's Chariot.

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