Road Trips

Road trips with family or friends are a perfect way to see the country. Explore ideas and tips for road trips in these articles.

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If you're driving old Route 66, watch out for a line of 10 mid-century Cadillacs, painted in crazy colors and buried nose first in the dirt. That'll be Cadillac Ranch, American roadside kitsch at its finest.

By Jesslyn Shields

If you've always wanted to drive a high-end sports car for a day, there is no shortage of options and experiences open to you. But how do you pick the right one?

By Rebecca Treon

Itching for a road trip that is as exhilarating as it is memorable? Check out one of these five drives that you surely won't forget.

By Cherise Threewitt


There's a method behind the automotive madness of this massive traffic circle in Swindon, England.

By Christopher Hassiotis

You've worked your whole life so far, and now it's time to enjoy yourself. And there's no better way than making good use of America's highways. So, what are some of the best road trips for retirees who are looking for adventure?

By Garth Sundem

Writers like Jack Kerouac and William Least Heat-Moon have elevated the road trip to a soul-seeking journey. But who can seek out their soul when they're stressed?

By Clint Pumphrey

Road trips are an iconic part of the American experience. Make the most of your journey with these helpful prep tips.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus


It's summertime, and the open road calls. There's so much to see, so much to do -- and so much to pack! Here are 10 road trip essentials.

By Marie Willsey

Making the choice between driving and flying requires that you juggle multiple factors and figure out how important each is to you. While it's great to save money, be sure to consider all the factors that might weigh on the quality of your trip.

By Akweli Parker

How do you decide whether to make your trip by car or by train? Well, there are advantages to both -- but, in the end, it's up to you to make a decision that best suits your travel needs.

By Christopher Lampton

Kids and long car rides can be a lethal combination. Here are 10 ways to keep the kids happy -- and your sanity intact -- during your next road trip.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus


Some trips take weeks, if not months, of planning. Others take as long to plan as it does to load up your tote bag. What should you do to make your impromptu road trip awesome?

By Stephanie Watson

Just looking at that sign might make you want to get behind the wheel. Before you head for the open road, get your kicks by reading How Road Trips Work.

By Nicholas Gerbis

What fun is a road trip without some games to play in the car? These 10 are sure to make the time fly -- and hopefully keep the kids quiet while you drive.

By Jill Jaracz

Summer means road trip time, but how do you make those long hours in the car pass more quickly? Check out our road trip games list for some old favorites and new ideas.

By Sarah Winkler


Road trips to the beach are as tired as bad sunburns. When's the last time you piled into the car to enrich your mind, we ask? Here are 10 awesome destinations for the budding scientists among us.

By Jonathan Atteberry

When you're planning your next vacation, forget Vegas and Disney. Travel back in time instead and embark on a fossil-filled road trip.

By Michael Franco

Thanks to a booming technology industry that caters to people on the go, the comforts of home may soon take a backseat to their travel alternatives. What gadgets should you bring on your next road trip?

By John Kelly

Road tripping soon? Don't snack on junk from the convenience store. Fill up on these healthy bites that go great in the car.

By Maria Trimarchi


Road trips are great, but being confined inside a car for hours can lead to boredom -- or worse. Fear not -- we've got some game ideas that'll keep you and your seatmates entertained.

By Gerlinda Grimes

You'll need to take off quite a bit of work -- or perhaps quit your job altogether. This trip will most likely take you about 60 days. But if you're a diehard baseball fan, it'll all be worth it, right?

By Charles W. Bryant

The world's biggest roadside attractions run the gamut from a huge artichoke in California to a giant chest of drawers in North Carolina. The appeal of being the biggest was successful in attracting customers from faraway places.

By Eric Peterson & Emilie Sennebogen

Everybody loves a road trip. But when gas prices are as high as they are now, trips can be pricy. How can you calculate the cost of gas for your trip?

By Clint Pumphrey